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Denver 24/7 Roofing Repair Services

When your residential or commercial property has roof damage, the worst thing you can do is delay service. Even seemingly insignificant issues can cause major damage over time, so it’s best to get in touch with professional Denver roofing specialists at the first sign of trouble. At Cenco Building Services, we offer 24/7 emergency roofing services to meet the needs of every customer in a timely manner. Whether you need repair for hail damage before dawn or you’ve noticed a leak late at night, our roofing contractors are available to restore your roof to its full strength and performance.

Trusted Emergency Roofing Contractors in Denver, CO

We understand how stressful an roof emergency can be which is why our professionals work to make sure the process is hassle-free. We’ll take care of everything for you from inspection to working with homeowner’s of business owner’s insurance to file claims.

When you choose our experience professionals for your emergency roof repair in Denver, you’re receiving the best services and benefits, including:

  • Free, no-obligation cost estimates
  • 24/7 emergency service to ensure your problem is immediately handled
  • Full building code compliance
  • BBB-accredited roofing company
  • Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Vendor
  • GAF Certified Installer
  • Only hail-certified specialists in Colorado. We assist with both residential hail damage and commercial hail damage.

The Most Common Signs of Roof Damage We See Every Year

  1. Loose, damaged and/or missing shingles: The uplift of strong wind gusts can loosen shingles and eventually tear them off of your roof. Additionally, the continuous cycle of water clogging the shingles and the shingles drying out can leave them damaged and susceptible to being ripped off by winter storm winds. Loose or damaged shingles can be difficult to detect if you are not trained in assessing the condition of shingles, but missing shingles can be seen from the ground.
  2. Damaged underlayment: Melting snow after a heavy snowstorm can seep underneath the shingles and cause water damage to the underlayment. Over time, the underlayment can become waterlogged and wick water between the roof and the interior surface of your home, such as plaster or drywall ceiling. This drywall damage worsens over time and and can possibly cause mildew or mold build ups. Signs of leaks include: Discoloration of the ceiling and walls, bulges in drywall or plaster and peeling paint.
  3. Malfunctioning flashing: Flashing are metal coverings over the joints or seams where your roof intersects with other exterior home systems. Flashing prevents water from reaching the underlayment and from penetrating the exterior envelope and affecting your home’s ceilings and walls. If your flashing is unsealed, degraded, missing or damaged, then water will find a way underneath the metal strips. While generally not a catastrophic system failure, it often shows up only after it is too late to prevent. So you should have your flashings checked bi-annually.
  4. Ice dams: Frozen waterfalls, large icicles and ice build ups–also known as ice dams–can be seen hanging from many roof edges during the winter. These chunks of ice can damage shingles, underlayment, exterior walls and paint and, as a result, can supply the melted ice water with an avenue into the interior of your home. If you have an area that receives poor sunlight during the day, odds are you will have an ice dam there in the Winter.

Why Should You Care?

  • You can't see the damage
  • Your roof can leak
  • Your energy bills will rise

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Whatever time day or night you find yourself in need of emergency roofing services, the experienced Denver roofers at Cenco Building Services are available to help. With inspection turnaround time in as little as 24 hours and roofing repair turnaround in as little as 48 hours, our emergency roofing solutions ensure your roof will be fixed quickly and professionally. Give us a call or complete our online contact form request your free, no-obligation estimate of costs.

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Shingles that are “impact resistant” are considered a class 4 product, and are designed to withstand the high winds and hail damage that Colorado residents experience annually.

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