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Be Ready for the Storm - Get a Free Roof Report before Hail Season

Is your roof ready for hail season? Cenco Building Services can help.

Schedule a free roof inspection with the Cenco Building Services team, and we'll provide a free, detailed Roof Report – a $250 value. This Report can help to address any underlying concerns before they become issues, as well as provide documentation of your roof system condition before any storm hits to make any potential insurance claim much easier to deal with when that time comes.

Top-Rated, High-Performance Roof Shingles

We want the best for our customers, so we only use roof shingles from top manufacturers with a reputation for quality. Our asphalt shingle roof options are available in many color and style choices, so it’s easy to find shingles that complement your home. We also offer high-performance roofing materials that provide impressive energy efficiency and weather protection.

Fast, Affordable Roof Repairs

Colorado roofs must endure an average of 64 inches of snow per year along with hailstorms—such as the 2017 Denver disaster that caused $1.4 billion in damage. When you need fast, quality roof repairs, Cenco Building Services is the smart choice. We are hail specialists, but we can also handle any other type of roof repair from small leaks to repairing major damage.

Annual Denver Roof Maintenance

One way to ensure that you get the best performance and longest life from your roof is with annual roof maintenance. This affordable service allows our roofing specialists to spot and repair small issues before they become major problems. Learn how easy it is to protect your roof and your home with this important service.

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