Behind the Scenes

Clean work sites are the most obvious indicator of the organization required to install a superior roofing system. While a roof replacement always sounds messy and appears to be chaotic, it is a carefully orchestrated process. Behind the hammering of pneumatic guns are protocols, safety checks, code...

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Today the Cenco team is braving the cold morning to volunteer with Habitat For Humanity in Denver.  We believe in rebuilding the communities we work in, and are committed to that part of our mission.  So we are installing siding at a new Habitat community installing siding for future owner...

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In recognition of the dedicated men, women and families that make our business function smoothly for customers, Cenco was happy to recognize the cultural traditions of many of our employees and to celebrate the 16th of Mexico today. It’s Independence Day in Mexico! So... my carne asada was a little...

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