Do you suspect that your roof is in need of repair? 

If you experience hot- or cool- spots in your home, have leaks coming from your roof, or can see visible shingle disturbances when you eye your roof from afar, you should probably know that you need to get that checked out. Roof problems don’t get better by themselves, after all - and the longer you wait, the more serious (and expensive) your roof repair will end up being. 

Fortunately, the process of getting your roof repaired doesn’t have to be ridiculously daunting. With Cenco Building Services, you can have the benefit of years of expertise show up at your front door to give you all of the information you need. 

Our storm damage repair process, whether your roof has experienced Colorado hail damage, wind damage, or more, begins with an inspection from the expert professionals on our team to diagnose the issues with your roof. We’ll send one of our meticulously-trained, highly-skilled professionals out to highlight the affected area and give you the best course of treatment. 

This may include: 

  • Removing any damaged shingles and other materials up to three feet around the affected area to learn what’s going on with your roof
  • Cutting back the underlayment to examine the health of your roof and associated materials thoroughly
  • Replacing all of the damaged materials
  • Laying down a new underlayment and all-new strong, protective shingles
  • Reapplying seal tabs and other secure materials to avoid wind lift and further damage

The storm damage roof restoration processes that we have put in place for legions of satisfied customers across Colorado are designed to ensure that your new roof materials will last you for years to come! 

If you’re looking for a way to add safety and security to your Colorado home, reach out to the experts at Cenco Building Services. We can issue you a free, instant report that reflects all significant wind damage to your home by address - which will absolutely help guide you to the best possible choices regarding your home’s safety.

Call our friendly team today for more information about how we can serve you!