If you are dealing with a roof leak around the vent in your bathroom or kitchen, the cause could be a leaky pipe boot. An important part of the roof, the pipe boot is rubber or metal flashing that is wrapped about the base of a ventilation pipe. This flashing is partially buried under asphalt shingles or completely hidden to add a further layer of protection from rainfall. So, what causes the leaking? 

Over time the pipe boot can break down or wear out allowing rainwater to seep through and enter the roof via the opening in the roof deck around the pipe. This moisture can drip down the side of the pipe and into the ceiling causing water damage to your home. 

At Cenco Building Services, we can tackle this roof repair within as little as one appointment to stop the damage in its tracks. How do our trained and licensed contractors go about this process?

Roof Repair Process: Replacing Your Pipe Boot

Our Cenco contractors first complete an inspection of your roof, especially around the area where you suspect damage. If we believe that the roof is leaking around the pipe boot, we’ll complete a water test here. The water test will show where water is leaking into the roof more clearly. 

Once we’ve confirmed the pipe boot is the problem, we’ll begin the process of removing and replacing it:

  • The contractor will remove the roof shingles for 2 ft. in all directions to expose the underlayment.
  • Any visible signs of water damage to the underlayment and pipe boot will be noted.
  • The existing pipe boot is pulled up and removed.
  • The underlayment is cut away to expose the decking.
  • The contractor takes note of visible rot and water damage in the decking.
  • All damaged or rotted decking is replaced.
  • A new pipe boot is installed next. 
  • A water shield is applied around the pipe boot to minimize seams where water can enter.
  • New felt is applied over top of this area.
  • Our contractor installs new shingles over the area.
  • Lastly, the pipe boot is sealed along the top of the gasket with a silicone bead.

Learn More About Our Roof Repairs 

It’s better not to ignore this issue as it can get worse, eventually requiring major repairs or even a roof replacement. If you are worried about the condition of your pipe boot, reach out to Cenco Building Services. We can assess the damage and help you determine whether a roof repair is needed. You’ll even enjoy an up to 2-year guarantee with our work. 

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