When a vent on the roof is old, rusted, or damaged, it can allow water to leak into the home every time it rains. Not only is this annoying, it can cause worse structural damage if neglected. At Cenco Building Services, we can make quick work of replacing a damaged roof vent for homeowners. The process is simple.

Roof Repair Steps: Replacing a Roof Vent

Our contractor will confirm that the vent is leaking with a water test before getting started on your roof repair. The test involves running water from a garden hose along all four sides of the vent to simulate rainwater. During the test, the contractor looks for areas where there may be water penetrating the roof, such as raised shingles, bent metal, and exposed underlayment.

After the water test, the real work begins on your vent replacement. Our contractors will complete this repair in the following steps:

  • Removing the shingles for 2 ft. in all directions around the roof vent. This exposes the underlayment.
  • Checking for visible signs of water deterioration on the underlayment and around the base of the vent.
  • Cutting away the underlayment around the roof vent to expose the decking.
  • Removing the existing roof vent.
  • Examining the exposed decking and vent opening for water damage and rot.
  • Replacing any damaged decking.
  • Installing the new roof vent.
  • Installing an ice and water shield to cover all seams around the vent.
  • Applying a new felt underlayment over the area.
  • Installing new shingles using a six-nail method. 
  • Capping the nails on the new roof vent with silicone to stop rusting and leaks.

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