Skylights are a wonderful way to bring more light into interior spaces lacking in windows. They offer privacy, a view of the sky, and some are operable to allow for ventilation. However, these roof features can develop leaks over time. Usually the problem is worn out or damaged flashing that allows rainwater to enter into the seams around the skylight frame.

Tackling the roof repair with help from Cenco Building Services.

Our team will help you repair your skylight before major damage develops. Our contractors are fast and efficient experts with all of the tools needed for this project, including flashing kits. We’ll quickly identify the cause of your leak, and if it is the skylight make the roof repair right away.

Roof Repair: Repairing and Reflashing Skylights

Our process for repairing the skylight starts with a water test to determine where water is entering the home. This test is straightforward and won’t take very long, but it’s quite accurate. After the water test has confirmed the problem is your skylight, we’ll begin the roof repair.

Getting Down to the Roof Deck

We’ll start by removing shingles 2 ft. out from the skylight in all directions to expose the underlayment. During this step, the contractor will start looking for signs of water damage on the underlayment. We’ll also remove the flashing and any step flashing from around the skylight and cut away the underlayment to expose the decking. The contractor will closely examine the deck for any signs of rot and water damage.

Repairing the Water Damage

Next in the process is removing the skylight from the deck or curve mount. After the skylight is out, the contractor will replace the damaged or rotting decking before reinserting the skylight.

Putting it Back Together

We’ll replace the flashing around the skylight with new top, bottom, and side flashing kits. An ice and water shield will be applied around the skylight to cover the flashing seams. Then, we’ll re-felt the deck with new underlayment. Last, but not least, the contractor will apply new shingles with a six-nail application to finish the roof repair.

Getting the flashing replaced should take care of the water leak. Plus, our work is backed up by an up to 2-year guarantee from Cenco Building Services. If you have noticed problems with water leaking in around your skylight, reach out via phone or our online form. We’ll be happy to give your roof an inspection to see if the decking or flashing needs replacement. Our team can also advise you on whether a roof replacement is needed during the consultation.