When our customers notice a leak coming from the roof, but the source of the water isn't immediately above, we may recommend a water test. This simple test is a good way to identify exactly where the roof is leaking. With a proper water test completed by a Cenco Building Services professional, even stubborn water leaks can be tracked down and a roof repair completed.

Here's how Cenco Building Services handles a water test.

The Water Test Process

We'll bring a water hose up to the roof and use it to run water all around the suspected area, whether it is a leaky skylight or a part of the roofline. Inside the home, a second person will keep an eye out for the water leak.

Usually, the contractor will start at the lowest section of the area and work their way upwards until the leak starts inside. The contractor applies water in four directions to recreate:

  • Rain Run-Off
  • Crosswinds from Left or Right
  • Upward Driven Rain

If substantial damage is suspected, the contractor may seal off a leak temporarily and continue running water further up the roof to find any additional leaky spots.

During the Water Test

While conducting the water test, your Cenco contractor will also take note of any visible signs of damage that could contribute to the leak. These may include:

  • Lifted or Creased Shingles
  • Exposed Underlayment
  • Decking Damage

After the Water Test

When all of the leaks have been identified, the contractor goes work with repairing the roof damage. They will remove the shingles in all directions around the leak for up to three feet. At this point, the contractor will check for signs of water damage to the underlayment, flashing, and skylights. 

Next, the contractor will remove the flashing and underlayment to expose the decking. The contractor will check again for signs of damage to the decking. 

From this point, the contractor will replace and repair any damaged:

  • Decking
  • Underlayment
  • Flashing
  • Skylights
  • Shingles

If you have signs of water damage inside the home or a water leak, turn to Cenco Building Services. We can help with a roof inspection and water test to figure out what's going on. If you do need a roof repair in Colorado, our services are backed by up to a 2-year guarantee.

For a free consultation with a specialist, give us a call today. To schedule a quote for a roof replacement or repair, fill out our online form today.