Dear Cenco Customers: 

The health and well-being of our clients, employees and the communities we serve is of paramount importance. During these uncertain times related to the COVID-19 outbreak, we feel it is important to update you regarding our commitment to provide service and support. 

Communication and transparency are critical now more than ever, so these are the things we want you to know: We are here for you.

Most of our service provision is considered low-contact, including roof replacements, repairs, and city inspections.  We plan to operate and roofing services as requested by our clients. We require our teams to use hand sanitizer before exiting their vehicles prior to entering a client’s property and deep-cleaning tools and equipment.

When clients do need to interact with one of our local team members directly, we understand that in order to reduce the potential spread of infection, we will comply with recommended social distancing practices and will not approach your front door unless requested. 

We also understand it’s tough to feel at ease in a time like this, and we are happy to send any information and invoices digitally via email upon client request.

How are we responding as a company to COVID-19?

While we provide an ESSENTIAL SERVICE in repairs and construction, we have taken the following precautions to care for our customers, our employees and our community in this challenging period:

  1. No Contact Inspections and Open-Air Appointments.
  2. Virtual Follow-up and Direct-to-client Video Sessions.
  3. No Contact Protocols for Repairs and Installations.
  4. Daily Temperature Checks for Technicians Prior to Deployment.
  5. Monitored On-Site Social Distancing for Crew Members.
  6. Color-Coded Crew Designations (Crew Leader/Crew Member) so Customers can follow progress from inside or outside home.
  7. 24/7 Direct Text, Email and Phone Customer Support.
  8. No Contact Billing and Payment Methods.
  9. Online Reviews for Crews and Company upon Project Completion.

Despite the uncertainty of the next few months, we continue to provide our critical repair and replacement services to customers while respecting the safety and space precautions required to protect our customers, our employees, and our community.