It happens every year...someone gets scammed by either an intentionally misleading, or simply poorly run, roofing company. After they encounter a problem, they call us in a panic to try to resolve the issue. Sometimes we can help; other times, the damage is already done

Please...Please...Please. Take your time before you hire a roofing company to complete your hail damage repairs. Read reviews, talk to customers, examine the products, look at licensing and insurance. With over 2,000 roofing companies across the Front Range, we know and are sympathetic to how hard it can be to separate the good ones from the bad ones. So do your research! Take your time! There are good companies out there who are happy to walk you through the process, helping guide you through the pitfalls that might trap other customers who rush into construction with no due diligence completed.

Help us to help you get what you need and deserve--a quality product and a positive customer experience! #CencoCares