At Cenco Building Services, We Are Who We Say We Are!

We are:
  • Dedicated to quality construction
  • Focused on safe installations with trained labor
  • Committed to excellent service for our customers
  • Committed to our employees and our community

While the last point in our mission statement focuses on our employees and our community, we feel strongly that they are some of the most important aspects of our business.
Everyone can tell you that they are an "expert" or "factory trained." But what does that really mean to you? Does that mean they have inspected 50 roofs?  Dealt with 100 homeowners? At Cenco Building Services, it means an ongoing commitment to training on the latest advances in our industry, backed by verifiable licensing so that our customers know that ALL of our field staff is able and obligated to provide honest, relevant feedback during our inspections. 
Cenco pays for annual training classes and continuing education courses for all field staff and our support team. From HAAG Engineering to the Building Performance Institute (BPI), we select the authorities from our industry to train our employees each and every year.  
You can rest assured our installers are certified, our field managers are licensed, and our process is transparent to ensure the best possible installation and customer experience. You deserve expert guidance when re-roofing your home, and we will provide it to you.
As a company, Cenco Building Services is committed to returning 2% of our revenues each and every year to Charities through the entire state of Colorado and beyond.  We know that our customers value community engagement, and we actively support in both dollars and community volunteering such organizations at Habitat For Humanity, HopeKids, Boys and Girls Club of Denver, and Mercy Center. 
In working with Cenco Building Services, not only will you receive a quality roof repair, replacement, or attic insulation, but you will also join us in our mission of giving back to our employees and community.