No matter where you live, the weather plays a large role in your life. From determining what you wear to affecting the condition of your home. For that reason, you should always educate yourself and monitor its changes. The following are just a few weather-related things that you should keep in mind and how they can affect the roof on your house.

Look Out for Hail

While Denver is fairly dry throughout fall and winter, May and June create the ideal environment for hailstorms. The huge pieces of hail and strong winds can harm your roof in a matter of seconds. When this occurs, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact roofers in Denver to get the problem fixed before the rain gets in your home and creates a bigger problem.

Bundle Up in the Winter

It’s no surprise that the winters in Denver can get downright chilly. It’s common for temperatures to dip below zero, which can make it difficult to keep your home cozy. With proper insulation and roofing installation techniques, roofing contractors can help make your home more comfortable and easy to heat even when the temperature’s reach record-breaking lows. 

Tornadoes CAN Happen

Many people think that Denver is far enough away from Tornado Alley, so they never worry about the possibility. However, Denver has seen its fair share of destructive tornados. Even if your home doesn’t get hit directly by a tornado, the strong winds can create damage to your roof. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to make sure that you maintain your roof to withstand the weather.

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

On average, Denver experiences its first snowfall far earlier than other major cities in America, excluding those in Alaska, and the snow can fall as late as mid-June. Over time, accumulated snow can really start to wear on your roof. In some circumstances, it can be gradual over several seasons, but in times when the snow never seems to cease, the weight can be too much for aging roofs to stand.

Don’t Sweat the Summer Heat

Even though Denver gets incredible amounts of snow and cold weather, the summers can be just as extreme. In fact, the dry summers combined with high temperatures can create the ideal climate for horrific wildfires. Although, you are more likely to struggle with keeping your home cool rather than battling fires. Fortunately, the right Denver roofing materials can reduce your cooling bills when temperatures reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you have a weather-damaged roof or want to improve its efficiency for a more comfortable home year-round, we encourage you to reach out to Cenco Building services for all of your roofing needs. You can call our roofing company in Denver find out more about our replacement and repair services or fill out our online form to request your complimentary project quote.