With the sudden flash of sporadic spring storms that offers little warning of the impending hail , you may find yourself wondering how you can protect your roof from hail damage before the next storm swiftly hits. At Cenco Building Services, we understand the extensive damage that Colorado hail storms can cause to a roof as our specialists also live and work in Denver. Unlike the “storm chasers” that knock on your door after hail has made its mark on our community, the Cenco Building Services is fully licensed, insured and bonded Denver roofing company, which means our specialists must provide superior, quality service to every client to ensure complete satisfaction, favorable reviews and repeat business.

As part of our commitment to protecting the roofs of Denver Metro residents from hail damage, we hold firm that belief that you as a homeowner must be made aware of how to protect your roof from hail damage. Hail, which is literally blocks of ice, can range in size from a pea to golf ball. When a home is not protected by an impact-resistant roof, it cannot withstand the force of the hail. Many Denver homeowners falsely believe that smaller hailstones cannot cause damage to the integrity of a roof, which is true if you have an impact-resistant roof. However, with lower quality roofing materials that are not manufactured to stand against the battering of hail, even small stones can scrape away at the covering on the roof shingles. When high winds accompany the hail, the roof damage is blatantly visible with granules scattered on porches and, possibly, sections of shingles lying on the ground.

The best way to protect your roof from hail damage is to have Cenco Building Services inspect the condition of your roof and offer a recommendation as to whether your roof is in need of replacement due damage, age and/or shoddy materials. Our specialists will assess your roof as an insurance adjuster would assess it, not as a salesman. We understand that your insurance company must visually inspect your roof and approve the report we submit, so our roofing specialists do not exaggerate the damage in an attempt to garner a higher claim for the roof replacement. Cenco Building Services is an honest, forthright company that works to get you the best roof that your insurance company will approve in a timely manner.

When you choose Cenco Building Services for your roofing repair needs, you can be certain we were still be in Denver to stand behind our workmanship long after the storm is over and we’ve completed your roofing project. At Cenco Building Services, we focus on servicing Denver Metro area residents with their roofing, restoration and remodeling needs, so contact us today by calling (720) 583-1690.