Roofing is a system...

...And each component is important! Prior to laying the first course of field shingles, you must use a dedicated starter strip over a dedicated gutter apron metal for 2 reasons: First, it ensures wind tolerance loads to make sure wind-driven rain neither gets underneath nor behind the shingles eithe...

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Eliminating the mess of tearing off old shingles during a roof replacement is impossible, but good site preparation makes a tremendous difference in protecting your home and landscaping. Insist on thorough protection at your next roof replacement! If you have questions or concerns about your roof, g...

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Cenco is pleased to be completing a condominium complex installation in Keystone, CO.  Roofing in the mountains poses its own set of challenges, due to steepness, wind speed and snow/ice accumulations and access issues in deeply-forested areas.  But the results are spectacular! See our cre...

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As we move forward with essential services, we are STILL here to complete your work safely, minding the health of our customers, our employees and our community. Thank you for your local support!

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