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Prepare you Roof for Winter in Colorado

With your new roof installed, it is tempting to forget about it for a few years.  But while Coloradans enjoy the refreshing change of seasons and the mix of sun and snow, it can have an effect on the longevity of your roofing system.

The reason?  Constant expansion and contraction.  While imperceptible to the naked eye, roofing shingles expand (stretching) and contract (shrinking) each and every day, and those effects are exacerbated by the seasonal change from warm to cold.   Read more

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Hang Holiday Lights Without Destroying Your Roof

It’s the Season of Lights. As December rolls around, and thoughts turn to installing Holiday lights, there are few things you can do to avoid damaging your roof. Whether it is a few strands above the front porch or you want to compete with Chevy Chase’s house from “Christmas Vacation,” even the smallest of holes from hanging lights can cause extensive damage to the interior systems of your home.

The good news: They are simple problems to avoid! Here are 5 Simple and Safe Tips to Installing Lights without damaging your roof.
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Door Knockers: Friend or Foe?

Ahhh….the sounds of summer. Lawn mowers, birds chirping in the trees, dogs barking behind the fence, and the inevitable knock on the door from door-to-door canvassers selling something.

House painting? Check. Windows? Check. Solar panels? Check. Roofing? Check. Almost every homeowner has answered the door in the last 12 months to one or more of those home improvement product or service offers.Read more

beware of roofing work completion dates
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Beware of Completion Dates!

In the wake of an insurance loss, the policyholder has certain contractual obligations under the terms of their policy. It is important to know and understand these obligations. These include protecting your property from future losses (completing temporary repairs, as possible, until the damage can be evaluated by your carrier) as well as a timely notification of loss (as quickly as possible, but usually with a 12-month notification window wrapped around the date of loss).
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